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THE NO.1 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER40 MILLION BOOKS SOLD WORLDWIDEHe s the best cop they ve got. When a drug bust turns into a bloodbath it s up to Inspector Macbeth and his team to clean up the mess. He s also an ex-drug addict with a troubled past. He s rewarded for his success. Power. Money. Respect. They re all within reach. But a man like him won t get to the top.Plagued by hallucinations and paranoia, Macbeth starts to unravel. He s convinced he won t get what is rightfully his. Unless he kills for it. The king of all crime writers Sunday Express

  • Navn: Macbeth
  • Format: E-bog, ePub, PDF, FB2, MOBI
  • Forfattere: Jo Nesbø
  • Sprog: Dansk